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jeudi 18 juillet 2013

Farmers can now control their farm irrigations remotely with WaterBee

If you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time playing FarmVille, you’re probably under the impression that farmers around the world still milk their cows every morning, live in over-stuffed and cuddly country homes and drive rusted tractors to the spring festival every year. Well, while a few of them do stick to the good old routine, a few more are stepping towards technology to considerably increase their produce and manage their farms better. Robots have been roped in to work as farm-hands, milk cows, dust crops and perform similar chores earlier limited to manual labor. Irrigation too has been given a dash of technology with the WaterBee smart irrigation and water management system.

This system, linked to a smartphone application, enables farmers to remotely control their irrigation installations using their smartphones. The application also gives out information on farm conditions and more. The WaterBee Project is a two-year, industry-driven demonstration project and is currently under development. Its creators hope the project will also help save thousands of liters of fresh water from being wasted on farms, as is the case with the conventional irrigation methods.

[Via - Gizmag]

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