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mercredi 4 septembre 2013

The future arrives: Pioneer launches sat-nav with augmented reality

We're sufficiently old that we remember when the windscreen augmented-reality display from Knight Rider 2000 seemed fanciful. Still, 200 years later, and finally, such things are a reality. Pioneer is launching NavGate, a sat-nav with a built-in projector that'll overlay a 30-inch display over the road ahead. Using the unit, drivers can see turn-by-turn directions, the current speed limit, distance, a clock and the estimated time of arrival. The hardware pairs with various smartphone platforms and will even pull data from the CoPilot and iGo Primo navigation apps. It'll be available from October and will set Europeans back around £600 ($933).

By Daniel Cooper posted Sep 4th, 2013 at 4:00 AM

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