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mercredi 31 août 2011

Extremely long exposure: Photographer endures 15-hour shoots in the wintry Australian outback to snare stunning images of star trails in the night sky

At first glance these spectacular swirls of colour may look like clever computer graphics or the result of faulty camera work.

They are, in fact, the product of hour after hour of painstaking night-time shooting by photographer Lincoln Harrison.

His stunning pictures of star trails across the Australian night sky were taken over periods of up to 15 hours.

Shooting stars: Photographer Lincoln Harrison spent up to 15 hours taking these long exposure pictures over Lake Eppalock near Bendigo in Victoria, Australia

Ghostly: A gnarled old tree comes alive with the swirl of stars

He said: ‘It was a gruelling night with a total shooting time was 15 hours in freezing conditions, sunset to sunrise.’

He had to spend entire nights outside, braving freezing temperatures in the depths of the Australian winter near Bendigo over the scenic Lake Eppalock.

Captured using a long exposure lens, the trails are created as the Earth rotates, giving the impression of the stars moving across the sky.

Mr Harrison, 36, bought his first camera last year to take pictures of clothes he wanted to sell on eBay.

He added: ‘My favourite shot is the star trail with the purple and yellow background that I've called Dawn Fire.

‘I even left my torch in my other camera bag, so I had to climb down a steep rocky cliff in the dark to get this picture. But it was worth it. It's a personal favourite.’

Stunning pattern: Lincoln created these remarkable pictures of stars moving across the night sky

Light over the lake: Sun starts to rise over Lake Eppalock in Australia

Lincoln added: ‘I bought my first camera in October 2010, a Nikon D3100.

‘I wanted something decent for general picture taking and for taking pictures of stuff I wanted to sell on ebay items.

‘I wasn't planning on getting into photography as a hobby but a week later I had about eight lenses and all the other goodies.

‘I've been shooting at least two or three times a week ever since, mainly landscapes, star trails when the conditions are just right.'

Reflection: Light from stars darts off the calm waters

Mirror image: Colour spills over a rock as sun sets across the lake

By Stephen Hull

Last updated at 1:26 PM on 30th August 2011

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